Saido Berahino Strikes Out At Jeremy Peace


West Brom chairman Jeremy Peace has taken a backlash from Saido Berahino and fans after his recent criticism of the player requesting a move to Tottenham.

Peace has made it clear he feels Spurs are to blame in the matter, claiming he had spoken to Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy earlier in the summer to explain his club’s stance.

The chairman was vocal in his opinion that the breakdown of the deal was because of Spurs but this hasn’t stopped Saido from speaking out, albeit in a slightly cryptic/typo kind of way

So it’s unclear if Berahino is saying he won’t play under Jeremy Peace as a chairman or if he won’t ever play him again (i.e. try to play him regarding a potential transfer).

Peace had the following to say on the transfer matter:

“We have a key player who has been very unsettled by antics which were designed to get him out of our club cheaply,” said Peace in a statement on the club’s website on Tuesday.

“Those tactics have continued despite my making our position clear in my first conversation with Daniel Levy on this subject in mid-August.

“I said selling Saido so late in the window was not on our agenda.

“We are now left with the task of repairing the damage created by this unfortunate episode.”

Former West Brom striker Jason Roberts gave some sympathy for Berahino, stating the following:

“Whatever the communication has been with Berahino, he has thought the transfer will go through,” Roberts told BBC World Service.

“It was an amazing reaction to go out publicly to say you will not play for the chairman again – that is a big call from the player.

“I feel some sympathy for Saido as he is in the middle of this but at the same time, it may be a misjudgement to come out and say he won’t play for the chairman again.”