How To Lose Nearly A Billion Quid In A Year!


Harry Kakavas, who made his fortune selling real estate on Australia’s Gold Coast, is considered one of the biggest high rollers in the world. In five and a half hours, he lost $164 million, after betting $300,000 per hand.

Harry Kakavas’ legal team states that he has a serious gambling addiction, and that casinos around the world are taking advantage of his “special disability”. His lawyer stated “What the evidence demonstrates…is that this was a man who did not and could not control his urge to gamble…”

Just like other men who have lost millions in casinos, Harry is fighting his debts in court – and this isn’t the first time that he’s had to do this. Harry has tried to recover his losses after losing $20.5 million to a casino, but the court dismissed his claim.

So, does Harry have a legitimate gambling problem? Those closest to him say that he served a minor jail sentence after stealing $286,000 and has had to borrow millions of dollars from his family, friends, and banks, in order to feed his gambling habits.