The Rugby Game That Cost A Bloke £30,000


Steve Richards was a 56-year-old-roofing contractor with a passion for betting. He would claim that gambling was something he looked forward to every week, and something he says he won’t ever stop doing. Despite his passion for gambling, Steve would only win small bets here and there, until his lucky day.

Steve bet £10, and with the odds against him 3,861/1, he successfully guessed the results of 12 different rugby matches. As a result, Steve was lucky enough to take home £38,970. However, Steve wasn’t completely satisfied with his winnings.

Less than a week later, Steve bet a little more of his money on a rugby match between Wales and Australia. To be exact, Steve bet £30,000. If Wales beat Australia, Steve would have finished watching the game with £55,000 more in his pocket.

Unfortunately for Steve, Wales lost the game, and he lost £30,000. However, he says that he has no regrets, and would never bet against Wales in a rugby match.