Throwback: Championship Manager 93


The summer of 1993 was a hot one and one I remember fondly when getting my hands on a copy of Championship Manager 93. I vividly remember the front cover of the game, despite my original floppy disks breaking within two weeks of owning the masterpiece. It was ok though, I had contacts … a quick trip to the local car boot sale and two english pounds lighter i was back in action within a few (agonisingly long) days.

The game itself was far superior to anything else out there. You could take your ‘Premier Manager’ and shove it where the summer sun of 1993 didn’t shine. This game took devotion and time … a lot of time! Of course many people today will make direct comparisons to Football Manager and rightly so. The original Championship Manager was what spawned the popular series today.

Last month I discovered that the game could be downloded in it’s entirity free and legally here. Even now, with it’s dated graphics, there’s something to be said about the simplicity of the game. Many people have been put off the Football Manager series for this very reason. Especially those of the 90’s era who simply don’t have the time to play games much at all these days.

Of course, the game itself was played on a huge Amiga 500. There were times that the play got so intense that the whole machine was lugged to a friends house just so that we could continue winning games as Cambridge. The day we signed Robbie Fowler was possibly the pinnacle in Championship Manager history.

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