We were first asked to review Oddscatcher back in June and our initial impressions were positive based on the information that’s available on their site. Most people online today expect things for free and we think this may be one of the main stumbling blocks people will face when first reviewing Oddscatcher. Their service however is very different to a lot of others we have seen. It would be nice if Oddscatcher had a free trial period with which users could get a feel for the service without stumping out the pricey £57 a month charge. If you haven’t yet seen our Raid The Bookie review then you may want to use their free service first, and then use the profits that you are guaranteed to make with them to cover your first months membership.

So at  £57 a month for the main Oddscatcher Service it certainly needs to be a service that’s good! They also have their Oddscatcher Market Movers Service too, which has a 14 day free trial then £37 per month. This is £17 per month if you are already an Oddscatcher member too. So if you were to use both of their services there is a cost of £74 per month. This is no small amount and as such we need to provide you with all the relevant information in this review so that you can make up your own mind as to whether this is good value for money.

Whilst we’re still talking about cost, it’s worth mentioning that there is no money back guarantee for their main service but Market Movers offers a subscription refund if you do not have at least 2 x £25 risk–free winning trades per month.

Once you take the decision to sign up you receive password protected access to the member’s area of the site. This contains a getting started video which is well put together and there are also PDF downloads available to allow future reference. And new video tutorials are being added frequently to allow members to take advantage of developments on the service.

The difficulty here is knowing where to begin! The initial set up process will get your accounts in order and as long as you maintain records of your activity you will always be in a position to know what you can do with the opportunities that will occur. Their service definitely isn’t for the casual gambler and you certainly need to know your stuff before committing to the subscription.

If you have not already taken advantage of bookmaker offers then the service will guide you through these and indeed may well advise new bookmakers and how to take advantage of their offers. This is good but we have seen it performed in a slightly more user friendly way with previously with the likes of Raid The Bookie and to some extent Fix The Odds.

So at this point we are up and running and looking to see what we can do with the service. Our suggestion is that you work through the videos for the various topics and do not try to go too fast. There is plenty of time and the opportunities will arise daily so the time spent in preparation will pay dividends in the long run. We will now have a look at 4 of the options in more depth for this review.

Firstly, the Oddscatcher service offers a suggested method for taking advantage of the Bet365 feature races offer. It is explained well and if the instructions are followed any risk is minimised – it is perhaps worth emphasising that minimal risk is the underlying theme for the whole service which is very laudable.

Oddscatcher then offers users the opportunity to take advantage of arbitrage situations for horse racing. You can set your own limits and the software will then highlight any races that fall within your parameters updating in real time. When this occurs you are then shown the bets that should be placed and the interface allows you to select the right bookmaker to use for each element of the bet. The hope is that a winner will come from a horse that has drifted and thus using BOG the overall profit will increase.

Moving on the next major element is Backing to Lay where you hope to be able to lay your horse on the exchange at lower odds than the back bet. Again the software will update opportunities within the bookmakers you have specified (which are the main UK players ) thus allowing you to take decisions on exactly what to do. I would mention that for all services the user places the bets themselves – the Odds Catcher software does not do this so you remain in control of your betting at all times. Some care is needed as the markets can move fast and thus the displayed odds/availability may have moved on by the time you get to your actual account.

Finally the most recent addition to the portfolio is Market Movers where the service will advise members the night before of horses that are likely to reduce in price thus allowing a free bet if things work out as planned. For example, on 21 June we were advised that Oriental Relation currently at odds of 3.25 should shorten and sure enough the next day odds of 2.02 to lay were available on Betfair the general trend having been downwards all day.

As you can see the possibilities are widespread and potentially profitable. What you should understand that this is a service which will reward users for the effort they put in. It could be that time is a significant investment for the user especially in the early stages. If you want a pure advice of what to do and when then this is not for you and you should look at one of our matched betting reviews like Raid The Bookie.

We believe that relative newcomers to horse race betting could gain value from the service if they tread carefully and ask if not sure, which whilst we’re on that … their customer service is excellent. So those with more experience will be able to make use of what is a sophisticated betting tool.

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